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The Geneva International Watch Fair (Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie, referred to as SIHH) is traditionally the first snapshot, the Swiss replica watch industry condition is true, it is not comprehensive. From the January held in Geneva at the end of the exhibition, this year is a year of uncertainty. On the face of it, the number of exhibitors exciting. The data shows, about 14000 people attended the exhibition this year, 9% more than in 2013. But few data will reflect the whole story, wandering around the city’s magnificent Palexpo Exhibition Center booth executives and tourists, apparently filled with cautious mood.

SIHH Swiss replica watches organizers haute Horlogerie Foundation (Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, referred to as FHH) female chairman and managing director Fabio Jana Lu Bo (Fabienne Lupo) said: “watch industry is in a consolidation phase. As in previous years, we have some growth, particularly in asia. But I think the brand is now more cautious, I think they did the right thing.” Audemars Pigeut (Audemars Piguet) is one of the 16 participating watch brand. The company’s chief executive officer Francois Henry Bbe Nahmias (Fran ç ois-Henry Bennahmias) expressed a similar view. He said: “I think the 2014 SIHH confirms the trend in 2013, that is this industry is in transition period.”

One of the main reasons for the swiss replica watches industry uncertainty is the decline in Chinese demand — – Chinese new leadership on gift giving activities launched a crackdown on. The number of exhibitors pointed out, SIHH Asian guests (they are not annual exhibition) less than in previous years. However, Kepler Sheng Fu (Kepler Cheuvreux) of the Swiss stock director Jon Kirk (Jon Cox) said, the reason may be the SIHH launched an Asian watches Exhibition — “watch and wonder — last year” (Watches and Wonders), and not because of Chinese interest in Swiss watches decline. He said: “in view of the SIHH last September in Hongkong held an exhibition, perhaps some people decided to take part in the recent exhibition home.”

However, the strong performance of other area. Kirk says, North American and European retailers “very optimistic mood”. He added: “maybe in 5 years they have been the most optimistic.” Lu Bo said, SIHH theme and in recent years similar. She said: “we are seeing more and more mechanical table; a large number of ultra-thin replica watches; more and more female watches. We also see Art Masters Series (M é tiers d’Art) many of the activities.” Analysts generally agree. Belen Begg (Berenberg) analyst John Guei (John Guy) said: “if I sum up this year’s theme, then I would say, ultra-thin, women and simplicity.” Ultra thin watch at the exhibition opening before it attracted a lot of attention, the record being broken. Zurich Vontobel Bank (Bank Vontobel) analyst Rene Webb (Rene Weber) said: “this is the most important trend. The count (Piaget) broke the mechanical watch the thinnest record, Jaeger Le Coulter (Jaeger LeCoutre) introduced a number of ultra-thin watches, Cartire (Cartier) production of the thinnest of diver’s watches.”

Watch manufacturers over the years for the need to take more measures to attract women to buy luxury replica watches. Analysts and executives say, this year’s SIHH show, this call has obtained the certain effect. Bbe Nahmias said: “in the past three or four years, women’s attitudes to watch the change. Women began to favor the swiss replica watch. You can see this point in the fashion picture, you will see the point in advertising. The watch is becoming a part of female wardrobe.” However, except for female and ultra-thin watches bring excitement, this year is more simple style products also showed the watch industry cautious atmosphere.

Gaye said: “last year, gold watch sales decline, as consumers pay more attention to platinum or platinum watches. This trend is transmitted to the SIHH.” However, the long term, swiss replica watch manufacturers still optimistic. Bbe Nahmias said: “we are still far from its potential. The global tens of millions of millionaires, and this number is growing, but last year we only 21000000000 Swiss francs exports.”

“If you look at these millionaires will find, they all have at least two houses, they all have two cars, but few of them have a good watch.”

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The initial Daytona rolex watches weren’t sought after whenever created, as well as had been fairly affordable, however grew to become extremely vintage as well as fetched higher costs from public sale. Within 2013, throughout a unique Rolex-themed public sale kept within Geneva upon 10 The fall of, Christie’s offered the uncommon replica rolex daytona.
There has been third number of the actual Cosmograph Daytona. The initial sequence, fake rolex daytona manufactured in little amounts through circa 1963 towards the later on 1980s, experienced the four-digit design or even research quantity, as well as experienced the guide blowing wind motion. The actual blowing wind motion is important towards the additional two actions since it permitted with regard to improve wind gusts arriving upon each attributes.